Old Lore

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Greyhawk Organization
The Colleges of the Old Lore
Type Bardic tradition
Founded Unknown, possibly prehistoric
Members Humans and half-elves of noble birth
Headquarters Seven colleges
Allies Old Faith

The Old Lore is an organization of bards connected to the druidic order of the Old Faith. Each member combines the roles of warrior, thief, spy, poet, and champion of nature. They may be assassins, diplomats, or the tutors of great kings.


The traditions of the Old Lore date back to the ancient Flan, long before the Great Migrations changed the face of the land. They were entrusted by the druids with the memory of their history, laws, and lore, which they have kept down to the present day. Due to their specifically Flan origin and their stringent entrance requirements, there are few bards of the Old Lore left in modern times.


Membership within the Old Lore is limited to humans and half-elves of noble birth. Each candidate must prove mastery of weapons, stealth, musical talent, and druidic training. They must belong to some alignment with a neutral component: neutral, lawful neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral good, or neutral evil.

There are a small number of magical stringed instruments created specifically for the colleges of the Old Lore. These come to life only in the hands of a bard of the Old Lore, and recovering them is the first priority of that society.


The Old Lore is based in seven colleges. In order from least to greatest, these are: Fochlucan, MacFuirmidh, Doss, Canaith, Cli, Anstruth, and Ollamh. Bards do not associate with members of "lesser colleges," except for the Magna Alumnae who have graduated from all seven.

Of the seven, the Fochlucan college is the only one to be described, gaining non-Greyhawk-specific details in Complete Adventurer and its web enhancement. The Fochlucan College is described as a rambling old manor house on the shores of a misty lake called Loch Firrnen near a town called Oakenway. It is governed by a council of five master bards known as the Yew Circle. When making decisions, ties are broken by the Eldest of the Circle, currently a half-elf known as Yew Master Hurlich Stennarden.


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