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Greyhawk creature
An ogre, as depicted in the Monster Manual (2000).
Alignment Chaotic evil
Type Giant
First appearance
This page is about the monster. For the character, "Ogre", see Ogre (character).

Ogres, also known as eiger, are humanoid creatures of the Giant type found throughout the Flanaess.



Ogres usually make their homes in temperate hills, though it is not uncommon to encounter them in mountain ranges. Ogres are known to dwell in the Abbor-Alz, Cairn Hills, Crystalmists, Drachensgrabs, Glorioles, Hellfurnaces, and Jotens, among other places.

Typical physical characteristics

Adult ogres are 9 to 10 feet in height, and weigh anywhere from 600 to 650 pounds. Ogre skin color ranges from a dull brown to a dull yellow. Ogres usually clad themselves in poorly-cured animal furs and hides, which make their natural odor even more repugnant.


Ogres are usually chaotic evil.


Ogres typically dwell in groups of three to eight individuals, though solitary ogres and pairs are also common.


Ogres typically worship Vaprak the Destroyer, though some pay homage to other powers, such as Baphomet, the Earth Dragon, Erythnul, Grolantor, or Kostchtchie.


Ogres speak Giant, though more intelligent individuals also speak Common.


Known ogre subraces include the merrow, and the ogre mage. Sometimes ogres breed with humans and orcs, producing half-ogres, orogs, or ogrillions.


These aquatic ogres are green and scaled with webbed hands and feet. They are faster and fiercer than their land-based kin, but are otherwise similar to normal ogres.

Ogre Mage

These blue-skinned ogres are more intelligent than their mundane kin, and possess some innate magical abilities, such as invisibility and shapeshifting. They are a little taller than standard ogres, averaging ten feet.

Ogre crossbreeds

  • Half-ogre: This ogre-human crossbreeds are smarter but weaker than ogres. They can sometimes pass as unusually large, albeit ugly, humans.
  • Ogrillions: These creatures are the brutish, armor-skinned offspring of a female orc and a male ogre.
  • Orogs: An orog is the offspring of a male orc and a female ogre. Orogs usually live among orcs; they are stronger, more intelligent, and more disciplined than typical orcs.


Creative origins

Publishing history


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