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Greyhawk Deity
Ogrémoch, as depicted in the Monster Manual 3 (2010).
Title(s) Prince of Evil Earth Creatures, Master of Black Earth, Stone Tyrant
Home Plane Elemental Plane of Earth
Power Level Archomental
Gender Male
Class(es) n/a
Alignment Neutral evil
Portfolio Evil earth creatures
Domains Earth, Evil
Alias(es) Ogremoch, Ogremach, Uzrith (possibly)
Superior Elder Elemental Eye

Ogrémoch is an archomental. His symbol is an equilateral triangle with short hash marks through each side. It's possible that Uzrith, an elemental prince of evil earth mentioned in Dungeon #37, is an alias of Ogrémoch.


Ogrémoch appears as a massive rocky creature with a pair of stony, clublike fists, and his eyes gleam like chipped obsidian. He stands ten feet tall and weighs 4,500 pounds. He also manifests as a stone golem or a half-formed giant made of clay.


Ogrémoch was involved with the Queen of Chaos in her war against the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, during which he first encountered his enemy Sunnis, the good archomental of earth at the Battle of Pesh. Yan-C-Bin was also his hated enemy at the time, and he allied himself with Chaos initially because Yan-C-Bin had allied himself with the Wind Dukes and Law.

Ogrémoch believes himself to be the son of the Elder Elemental Eye, because the Eye has told him so. He is unaware that the Elder Eye is a guise of Tharizdun.

Ogrémoch is allied with the pit fiend Gazra, who is the consort of the archdevil Fierna. Ogrémoch and Gazra are involved in a conspiracy involving a mysterious portal of some sort. Ogrémoch is reluctantly allied with the dao in order to gain access to their Great Dismal Delve.


Ogrémoch's home is an immense fortress called Stonemire, which rests atop a great mesa, high above a rocky plain inside a vast cavern on the Elemental Plane of Earth. The cavern is described as intensely hot (Dragon #347) or intensely cold (Egg of the Phoenix supermodule).


Ogrémoch is worshiped by evil folk in New Empyrea. His cult elsewhere consists primarily of galeb duhrs, gnomes, duergar, evil dwarves, ettins, stone giants, gargoyles, grimlocks, ogres, troglodytes, trolls, and many subterranean creatures. He is served by earth grues as well. Some of his greatest minions are the rukarazylls, deceivers and tricksters among the earth elementals who seek to slowly pervert their followers to Ogrémoch's cult. His cult leaders prey on innocent farmers, convincing them that he is a benevolent god of the earth. Some of his cults offer living sacrifices to the elemental prince, while more thoughtful groups see Ogrémoch as a patron of mysteries, secrets, the earth, and those creatures who dwell within it. Some worship him as an alternative to the gods. Ogrémoch represents strength, endurance, and the treasures hidden within the earth.

Ogrémoch and his minions, as depicted in the Fiend Folio (1981).

Ogrémoch was involved with the Temple of Elemental Evil, where he was intended to manifest within the Earth Elemental Node and play his part in freeing dread Tharizdun. Apart from that episode, the various cults of elemental evil rarely cooperate, instead competing for the Elder Elemental Eye's favor.

Ogrémoch sends black rock triskelions as avatars of his living will.

Fists of the Stone Tyrant

The Fists of the Stone Tyrant are a sect of dwarves who believe that their kind was rejected by the gods when they were enslaved long ago. They have adopted the faith of Ogrémoch in order to gain revenge against the divine.


Ogrémoch's cultists are eventually told they serve the Elder Elemental Eye, and that their ultimate goal is to free that entity. These clerics wear amulets set with precious metals and gemstones and wear robes trimmed in yellow.


Ogrémoch's temples are always buried beneath the earth. His smallest sects may claim old cellars and dungeons, while his greatest cathedrals are found in the depths of the Underdark. Ogres, giants, and ettins may act as shock troops or guardians at his temples. Bullettes, basilisks, Gargoyles, gorgons, greathorn minotaurs, and ropers may act as guardians as well, and even aberrations and undead. Ogrémoch's cult sometimes uses demonically-infused earth elementals as minions, but rarely bothers with true demons, finding them unreliable.


Alive since the Age before Ages, Ogrémoch is the eldest of the Elemental Princes of Evil.


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