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The Oerth Journal
Oerth Journal01.jpg
The cover of The Oerth Journal #1 (1995).
Type Periodical
Code/ Abbreviation
Edition Various
Author(s) Various
First Published May, 1995

The Oerth Journal is an online periodical devoted to the World of Greyhawk. Though consisting chiefly of fan-produced content, some of this content has eventually found its way into canon, and many contributors to The Oerth Journal have gone on to write Greyhawk content for professional publications. The Oerth Journal has occasionally featured Greyhawk content by professional D&D authors, such as Robert J. Kuntz, Lenard Lakofka, and Roger E. Moore.

Other notable contributors include Eric L. Boyd, Creighton Broadhurst, Stephen S. Greer, Allan Grohe, Gary Holian, Paul Looby, Rick Miller, Erik Mona, Denis Tetreault, Frederick Weining, Sam Weiss, and Steve Wilson.

The Oerth Journal is published by the Council of Greyhawk.


The first issue of The Oerth Journal was released in May of 1995. Edited by Erik Mona, the first few issues featured contributions from Steve Wilson, Len Lakofka, Gary Holian, Eric Boyd, Roger Moore, Robert Kuntz, and Mona himself. Mona's run as editor lasted until the seventh issue was released in June of 1998.

Nathan Irving was editor for the next four issues, his last being #11 in May of 2000. Under Irving's watch, The Oerth Journal began featuring cover art, starting with #10.

The Oerth Journal #12 and #13 were co-edited by Jason Zavoda and Marc Gonzalez, with Gonzalez becoming sole editor with the release of #14 in April of 2002. It would be nearly two years before the next issue would be seen, with #15's release in January of 2004. The following issue would take over another year to complete, released in June of 2005, this time with Andy Seale at the helm.

Rick Miller would take over as editor-in-chief for #17, released in October of 2005. Miller has released a total of seven issues under his watch, the most recent being #25, released in January of 2010.

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