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For the Oeridian language, see Old Oeridian.

Oeridian is generally used in reference to the Oeridian people, (sometimes called the "Oerid"), a race of humans living in the Flanaess, though the term may also refer to the language and culture of said people.

Having once inhabited the plains of Central Oerik, the Oeridians moved into what is now known as Ull (where they were called the Yorodhi by their Baklunish neighbors) starting 1,235 years ago. The Oeridians were driven eastward into the Flanaess by orcs and goblins used as mercenaries by the Baklunish Empire and the Suel Imperium. The Oeridians settled in much of the Flanaess, often conquering and assimilating the Flan natives and Suel settlers, though some lands, such as the Sheldomar Valley and Vale of Luna, were settled more peacefully.

The Flanaess' most powerful modern empire, the Great Kingdom of Aerdy, was founded by a warlike Oeridian tribe known as the Aerdi. The Nehron of modern Nyrond, the Keogh of modern Keoland, the Ferroi of modern Furyondy, and the Vollar of modern Veluna are other notable Oeridian tribes.

"Unmixed" Oeridians are most commonly found in Furyondy, Perrenland, the Shield Lands, the North Kingdom of Aerdy, the See of Medegia, Onnwal, and Sunndi.

The traditional calendar of the Oeridians is known as the Oeridian Record.


Oeridian skin ranges from tan to olive. Their hair ranges the whole spectrum from honey blond to black, although brown and reddish brown predominate. Eye coloration varies, but brown and gray are most common.


The following deities make up the Oeridian pantheon:


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