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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Crystalmist Mountains
Gender Male
Race Mountain Dwarf
Class Fighter 9/ Thief 11
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Obmi, sometimes called Lord Obmi, is a murderous mountain dwarf fighter and member of Iuz's Boneshadow. Originally from the Crystalmists, he is known as "the Hammer of Iuz" due to his use of the dwarven throwing hammer, and "Obmi the Wily" for his cunning.

Obmi appears in the Gord the Rogue novels as an enemy of Gord, Leda, and Eclavdra.


Obmi has iron grey hair, has a taciturn personality, and delights in playing power games.


Obmi is sometimes accompanied by a deranged grey elf fighter/wizard named Keak and a gnomish illusionist/rogue named Gleed. In the past, Obmi was a slave of, then advisor to, the fire giant king Snurre Ironbelly.


Obmi's early history is unknown. He is known to have been a slave of the fire giant king, Snurre Ironbelly of the Hellfurnaces from 546-551 CY. By 551 CY, Obmi had proven his worth as an advisor, and served King Snurre for the next twenty-five years in that role.

In 576 CY, Snurre's hall was raided by adventurers. Obmi escaped by masquerading as a dwarven prince. Shortly after his escape, Obmi joined the service of Iuz.

Creative origins

Obmi first appeared in Gary Gygax's original Castle Greyhawk campaign between 1972 and 1973, where he was placed in an old magical laboratory in the center of the third level of the dungeon. Gygax gave him boots of speed, a dwarven thrower, and several gnoll henchmen. He also had a magical device that shot a ray that teleported the PCs to another part of the dungeon if they failed their saves. After many unsuccessful attempts, the PCs (the Citadel of Eight) finally destroyed the device, but Obmi escaped. Their hatred of Obmi did not diminish.


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