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Greyhawk creature
Alignment Neutral
Type Elemental
First appearance Greyhawk Adventures (1988)

The nimbus is a native of the Quasielemental Plane of Lightning.


The nimbus eats nothing and produces nothing on the world of Oerth. All of their energy requirements are derived from their home plane.


Though native to the Quasielemental Plane of Lightning, nimbuses can reach the Prime Material Plane via vortexes in the core of thunderstorms in high mountain ranges, particularly the Sulhaut Mountains. Perhaps the winds from the Sea of Dust carry their own static charge, leading to lightning storms in the Sulhauts of unusual ferocity.

Typical physical characteristics

Nimbuses are composed entirely of electrical energy; they can take the form of ball lightning, bolt lightning, sheet lightning, or as Elmo's fire, and can change between these shapes at will. As lightning bolts, they can move much more quickly than in other forms. When aroused they generate static charges that cause the hair of those within 30 feet to stand on end, and within 10 feet all metal objects glow with their own St. Elmo's fire.


Nimbuses are neutral.


Nimbuses are solitary on the Prime Material Plane, but on their native plane they are common creatures who congregate in groups. They have no conception that organic creatures such as animals are alive. Nimbuses themselves are only of animal intelligence.


Nimbuses do not seem to have a language. All attempts at communicating with them magically have failed.