Negative Energy Plane

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Greyhawk Plane
Negative Energy plane
Negative Energy Plane01.jpg
The Negative Energy Plane, as presented in Manual of the Planes (2001).
Type Inner
Layers N/A
Alignment N/A
Native Inhabitants Xeg-yi
Greyhawk Powers None

The Negative Energy Plane (also known as the Negative Material Plane) is one of the Inner Planes. It is the polar opposite of the Positive Energy Plane.


The Negative Energy Plane borders the elemental planes of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. The Quasi-Elemental Planes of Ash, Dust, Salt, and Vacuum are formed where the Negative Energy Plane contacts the elemental planes of Fire, Earth, Water, and Earth, respectively.


The Negative Energy Plane is associated with stagnation, entropy, and the undead. Any unprotected living creature exposed to the Negative Energy Plane has its life force rapidly drained and will die when they run out. Most Necromantic spells, including bolstering undead and "rebuke undead" abilities, draw on this plane and most undead creatures have an inherent connection to it.


The Negative Energy Plane, like its positive counterpart, is relatively empty. The best-known natives are the mysterious energons known as xeg-yi. Other inhabitants include spectres, wights, and wraiths, as well as a few powerful liches and vampires.

Features and settlements

The Negative Energy Plane and coterminous Inner Planes, as depicted in Manual of the Planes (1987).

Certain relatively static regions of the Negative Energy Plane, known as doldrums are less deadly than the rest of the plane, allowing for the construction of cities, towers, and other structures. Some of these towers, dubbed "castles perilous," are utilized as repositories for deadly magic items, or prisoners.

Perhaps the best-known settlement on the Negative Material is the spired city of Deathheart. Located in one of the more significant doldrums, Deathheart lies within a mile-wide hollow metal sphere, said to have drifted into the Negative Material from a long-dead alternate Prime.


  • Voidstone is formed in areas of the Negative Energy plane where negative energy "folds in on itself" and stabilizes into solidified black chunks. It is thought that voidstone could be used to create spheres of annihilation.


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