Neb Rentar

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Greyhawk Character
Neb Rentar
Homeland Free City of Greyhawk (presumedly)
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Magic-user 8

Neb Rentar, also possibly known as Neb Retnar, was a PC in an early game run by Gary Gygax.


Neb Rentar is described as having become morose and gloomy with the loss of his powers, with a marked tendency toward verbal abuse.


Neb Rentar was part of a party of adventurers including Scrag Flatchet, Thurible of Roaky, Dorag, Nivell, and Hodkin Ap-Awrd.


Neb Rentar was one of Mark Ratner's player characters in Gary Gygax's Castle Greyhawk campaign, originally the henchman of another of his PCs (Mark Ratner also played Ayelerach and probably other characters as well). In a game played at the Winter Fantasy con, a cursed scroll transported Neb Rentar, Scrag Flatchet, Thurible of Roaky, Dorag, Nivell, Hodkin Ap-Awrd, and three hapless gnolls on an unexpected excursion to the starship Warden from James Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha game. Because Mark Ratner was unavailable to play the follow-up game the following January, Brian Blume played the character on the ship itself. After casting legend lore and fireball, the magic-user ran out of spells in that nonmagical universe and became unable to regain his powers. Along with one of the gnolls, he was ultimately returned to Oerth while the rest of his party remained behind.

Publishing history

It's not completely certain that Neb Rentar (the magic-user) and Neb Retnar (the fighter) are intended to be the same character. In addition, Dragon #17 notes that the names of the characters mentioned there have been "changed to protect the innocent."


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