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Greyhawk Realm
The arms of Narwell, as depicted in the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting (1983).
Region Central Flanaess
Ruler Baron Janstin
Government Barony subordinate to the Free City of Greyhawk
Established Circa -385 CY
Capital n/a
Major Towns n/a
Provinces n/a
Population 4,775
Alignments Chaotic good
Religions Saint Cuthbert, Ehlonna, Kord
Allies Free City of Greyhawk
Enemies Pomarj

Narwell is a city on the Wild Coast, currently allied to the Free City of Greyhawk and part of the Domain of Greyhawk. It is one of the few Wild Coast towns that remain independent of the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj.


Narwell is more open and spacious than neighboring Safeton. It is surrounded by a wooden stockade. It has its share of evil folk, but they tend to be wilier and more subtle than the brutish Safeton thugs.

Beneath the city are the ruins of the kuo-toan town J'bhulgolboth.


Narwell often suffers from "dirty rain" when the dust of the Bright Desert blends with the winds from the east.


Narwell is the oldest city in the Domain of Greyhawk. It began in about 260 OR (-385 CY). A group of Suloise wizards were divining for a supply of fresh water around which to found a city, discovering a water-filled cavern about 100 feet below the surface. The Adventure Begins said the settlement was founded around an artesian spring, but Dungeon #85 claims the wizards built a well, using magic to dig it in a single night.

In either case, the settlement, originally called Naer's Well, began as a cluster of homesteads surrounding the water source. The settlement gained a nasty reputation for sponsoring local bandits. These bandits served as scouts and guerrilla warriors in wars against evil humanoids, elves, and Suloise neighbors.

Narwell has suffered many attacks from the monsters of the Pomarj, and it hasn't won every battle. It has, in fact, been razed to the ground several times over the last few decades, each time rebuilding over its own ashes.

The Night of Terror

Early in 584 CY, every orc, half-orc, and hobgoblin in Narwell and Safeton was knifed, lynched, or burned alive by the humans of the towns for fear they might be Pomarj spies.

Lord of the Scarlet Tide

In 591 CY, the kuo-toan town of J'bhulgolboth was destroyed by a plague which spread into the water supply of Narwell, transforming many of its citizens into corrupted beings known as scarlet children.


Narwell is ruled in name by the self-proclaimed Baron Janstin, but jointly administered by Captain Ruberis Nenshen of Greyhawk. Baron Janstin would prefer to have his town be as independent of Greyhawk as possible, though he appreciates their military support, while Captain Nenshen would turn Narwell into a fortified base for incursions into the Pomarj. The Baron is the cleverer of the two, redirecting the Captain's militia to prevent them from arresting the bandits that operate at least partly with his blessing.


Narwell Headhunters

A special division of Narwell's militia, the Headhunters include thieves and rangers among their number. They are led by Captain Romerian Timane, and include the independent Bladestorm. They are mostly good-aligned, and their mission is to bring to justice the bandits who pillage the towns of the Wild Coast.

The Graycloaks

The Graycloaks are a small group of half-orcs disguised as humans. They infiltrated Narwell after the Night of Terror; their leader, Drugia Brakus, desires vengeance against the town for slaughtering her family.