Muamman Duathal

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Greyhawk Deity
Muamman Duathal
Title(s) Finder-of-Trails, the Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye, the Hammer, the Finder, The Wanderer
Home Plane Heroic Domains of Ysgard
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Class(es) Ranger 14, Priest 9 (avatar)
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Dwarven Adventurers, Urban Dwarves, Explorers, Expatriates, Travelers, Wanderers, Lightning
Domains City, Community, Good, Protection, Travel
Alias(es) Marthammor Duin
Superior Moradin

Muamman Duathal (Moo-AM-man Doo-AH-thuhl) is the dwarf deity of Wanderers and Expatriates. He is also the dwarven god of Lightning, which he uses as an omen. His symbol is an upright mace over a single leather boot trimmed with fur, or a mace clutched by a pair of gauntleted fists.


Muamman appears as a weathered, nondescript dwarf dressed in plain clothes, usually green. He is thin, with a beard of deep black. He wields Glowhammer, a mace that glows as if were still cooling from being forged. Often, he carries a weathered staff.


Muamman is an ally of Dugmaren Brightmantle, and both share the ideal of traveling to gain knowledge. He is also allied with Baervan Wildwanderer, Berronar Truesilver, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Cyrrollalee, Dumathoin, Moradin, Stronmaus, and Vergadain. He is the foe of Laduguer, Urdlen, and the goblinkin and evil giant gods.


Muamman's realm is the Cavern of Rest in the ever-shifting subterranean layer of Nidavellir on the plane of Ysgard, though he prefers to wander. The Cavern of Rest is guarded by the souls of those dwarves who died on the surface of the world, under the sky, and by boars and war dogs trained by Muamman himself.


Muamman teaches that dwarves must adapt and learn to live with other races if they are to survive. He preaches alliance with humans in particular. He also instructs his faithful to help wanderers who are lost and in need, and to explore new paths and ways in general. He teaches hope.


Muamman Duathal has a growing cult among urban dwarves, and he may be evolving into an intermediate god.


Clerics of Muamman are wanderers and adventurers. They have a significant role in many urban, expatriate dwarf communities. Novices are known as the Lost, while full priests are known as Watchful Eyes.


Priests of Muamman Duathal establish way-places and waymeets on roads and in long tunnels beneath the earth, and on mountain trails and passes.


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