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The Millstream, emerging beneath the home of Bluto Sans Pite shortly after the River of Blood murders. From Living Greyhawk Journal #1 (2000). Art by Michael Dubisch.

The Millstream is a wide stream that runs north to south through the Free City of Greyhawk. The stream emerges from underground, beneath the former home of Sir Bluto Sans Pite in the High Quarter, across High Street into the Garden Quarter, then into Clerkburg, where it is straddled by the Bridge of Entwined Hearts. The Millstream crosses the Processional into the Foreign Quarter, where it divides the Burrow Heights and Midnight's Muddle neighborhoods. The stream moves on into the Slum and Thieves' Quarters, when it goes underground near the Greyhawk Public Bathhouse. The stream emerges once more outside the city walls, where it continues to flow south.

The Millstream, along with the Processional and city walls, is a very important feature of Greyhawk. The stream powers the mills at both New Mill College and the Old Mill, and provides a ready source of water should the city ever be besieged.


For a brief period in 565 CY, the Millstream was colloquially known as the River of Blood, due to being polluted by the blood of Sir Bluto's victims.


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