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Greyhawk Realm
Marchland of Medegia
Region Old Aerdy East
Ruler Prince Gartrel
Government Principality owing fealty to Ahlissa
Established 587 CY (present government)
Capital Nulbish
Major Towns Nulbish, Pontylver
Population 250,000
Races Humans, sylvan elves
Religions Hextor, Stern Alia, Zilchus

The Marchland of Medegia is a province of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa east of the Mikar River, extending to the coast of the Solnor Ocean south of the lands of the Solnor Compact.


Medegia was originally settled during the Great Migrations period by the Medegi sub-tribe of the Aerdi people. The Medegi worshiped the entire Oeridian pantheon, but worshiped Hextor above all others. They named the region the Medegian Bladelands, and, led by their war-leader Kahabros, conquered to the banks of the Flanmi River.

Appalled by their success, followers of Heironeous fought a ten-month war with the armies of the Bladelands, commemorated today by the Heironeans in their holiday of Valormight, and by the Hextorians in their holiday of Discordmight. The lengthy conflict weakened both nations, allowing them to be conquered by the Kingdom of Aerdy by the time of Grand Prince Mikar of Garasteth.

After 1 CY, Overking Nasran of Cranden appointed a cleric of Pholtus to rule the region as Holy Censor, renaming it the See of Medegia. The Holy Censor was considered the chief cleric of the Great Kingdom, a powerful position indeed.

In 252 CY, Overking Toran II of Rax stripped the See of Medegia and the office of Holy Censor from the Church of Pholtus and granted it to the Church of Zilchus, allies of his royal house.

In 450 CY, after the Turmoil Between Crowns, Overking Ivid I passed the office of Holy Censor and the rulership of Medegia to the church of Hextor. There it remained for the duration of Medegia's existence as a Holy See.

As the strength of the Overking on his Malachite Throne declined, the power of the Holy Censor proportionately grew, and the See of Medegia became virtually independent until 586 CY, when the Great Kingdom's capital of Rauxes became engulfed in magical catastrophe and that nation crumbled. In 587, much of the nation re-formed under the leadership of Xavener of House Darmen, who eliminated the rival power of the Holy Censor by recreating Medegia as a Marchland rather than as a Holy See. This brings us to the present.





The faith of Hextor was the chief one in the See of Medegia for over a century. Since the creation of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa, Zilchus' faith has regained some of its former prominence. Medegia remains the last bastion of the faith of Stern Alia in the Flanaess, though it has been virtually destroyed even here by internal dissension and the persecution of the Hextorians.