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Greyhawk Character
Homeland White Kingdom (originally Suel Imperium
Gender Female
Race Suel lich (augmented human)
Age 1000+
Class Wizard 17
Alignment Neutral evil

Marquesse Maerynae, called the Lady of Mysteries and sometimes the Queen of the Ghouls, is a Suel lich who has been made a noble of the White Kingdom.


Maerynae is described as a thin, almost skeletal woman wearing ragged robes of blue and red. Her eyes are sunken and dark.

She is accompanied at all times by Velberde, a 15 year-old human page who she intends to use as her next host if her present body fails her.


Maerynae is the consort of Doresain, King of the White Kingdom.


Maerynae was born before the Rain of Colorless Fire in the Suel Imperium. There, she learned the secrets of transforming herself into a Suel lich, a being of dark energy who can hop from body to body to survive the long ages. Her magical, undead state allowed her to survive the Rain of Colorless Fire, hopping from body to body until the present day. Long ago she became the lover of Doresain, King of the Ghouls, who made her a noble and tasked her with guarding and protecting the Orb of Shadows that links the true ghoul race to the Negative Energy Plane.

She is Doresain's heir apparent, should he be banished or destroyed.