Mace of Cuthbert

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Greyhawk magic item
Mace of Cuthbert
Mace of Cuthbert01.jpg
The Mace of Cuthbert and its master, as depicted in Deities and Demigods (2002).
Type Artifact (weapon)
Body slot
Caster level
First appearance

The Mace of Cuthbert is a powerful artifact, and the property of the deity Saint Cuthbert.

According to Dragon #100, for a time the mace may have been hidden on Earth, to keep it safe from evil forces. It was said to reside in London.


The Mace of Cuthbert has a bronzewood haft, and +5 holy lawful disruption heavy mace which allows the wielder to cast searing light (caster level 20) at will as a spell-like ability.

Dragon #358 describes the Mace as entirely made of bronzewood, but suggests there may be more than one powerful mace with this name.


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