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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Demiplane coexistant with the Abbor-Alz
Gender Male
Race Human (Baklunish)
Age approx. 984
Class Wizard 20
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Lyzandred the Mad is an ancient lich who dwells within a crystal chamber in the center of a trap-filled tomb.


Lyzandred is well-preserved for a lich. He looks slightly withered, but all his flesh and organs are intact. He wears a beautiful black silken garment embroidered with Baklunish symbols stitched with gold and platinum thread. A golden half-mask covers part of his face, and over his black garment he wears robes of many colors. He is resplendent. Only his cold, emotionless voice and the chill of negative energy in his presence reveal him as undead.


Lyzandred once tutored Zagig Yragerne.


Lyzandred was born in 2066 BH (-594 CY) in a Baklunish village. When his village was wiped out by Suel slavers, he began his lifelong quest to carefully examine, and then steal magical items from those who would use them wrongly. He discovered a demiplane in which to store these items, but the strange physics of the new realm slowly drove him insane. He became a lich in -535 CY and, in a rare moment of lucidity, elected to remain within the demiplane forever rather than to allow his madness to harm others.

From this otherworldly vantage, he called down the meteor that created the Pits of Azak-Zil and placed a curse on the Star Cairns. For a time, Zagig Yragerne was his student.

For the last two centuries he has remained within his crypt, content with luring the greedy and foolish to their doom, hoping in this way to play a small role in weeding the Flanaess of dangerous and witless souls.