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Greyhawk Planet
Planetary Body Type Earth
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Satellites None
Distance from Primary
Native Inhabitants

Luna, known as Raenei, the Greater Moon, or the Mistress, is Oerth's silver satellite, the companion to the Lesser Moon, Celene. It is known as Mazlateotl among the Olman and as Konola among the Touv. From the perspective of Oerth, it cycles from its new to full phases once a month.


From Oerth, Luna doesn't appear much larger than Celene, but the difference is noticeable. Because it appears from Oerth as if it is larger than the sun (it isn't), solar eclipses are less spectacular when Luna is involved than when only Celene is.

Luna appears, from the Oerth, as a featureless silver disk (varying between white, silver, and gray, with cloud cover creating a slight sense of changing patterns). Two atmospheres obscure the planet's terrain—both Luna's and Oerth's—so the haze makes it impossible to see any detail without actually traveling into space. Luna's atmosphere can refract light, though—when the conditions are right, during an eclipse the light from Celene will reflect in Luna's atmosphere, causing it to seem to be surrounded by a shining aquamarine halo.

Unlike Celene, Luna isn't tidally locked with the Oerth; it rotates on its own axis, and shows the "mother planet" both of its sides. However, both sides look the same from Oerth, so this doesn't make much difference. Its axis of rotation is at right angles to that of the Oerth, so from the perspective of Luna, Oerth rises in the north and set in the south (or vice versa, depending on the season). Oerth is large and bright enough to be visible from Luna both night and day. The sky is covered with clouds much of the time, and titanic thunderstorms are common.

Luna's surface is mostly dry land, with water covering only about 30% of it. Prominent features (invisible from Oerth) include the Worldspine Mountains, which completely encircle the equator, an ocean in each hemisphere (the Deepsound Sea and the Saltwaste), and a circular desert known as the Anvil of God. A range of mountains called the Polar Ring surrounds the north pole.


Luna has no sapient natives, though there are a few groups of intelligent beings who have ended up here from other worlds. Iggwilv has a hidden stronghold here that was used by Tuerny during their brief alliance.

Luna's native animals tend to be large and monstrous, vaguely insectoid or arachnoid in appearance, alien and horrific by Oerth standards. Luna also has a great deal of native flora. Some of these plants, like bronzewood, cedar, and oak, are familiar to travelers from Oerth. Others are completely alien.

Creatures from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Lightning and the Demiplane of Electromagnetism are common in Luna's upper atmosphere.

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