Lorana Kath

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Greyhawk Character
Lady Lorana Kath
Lorana Kath01.jpg
Lady Lorana Kath, as depicted in Dragon #291 (2002). Art by Adam Rex.
Homeland Great Kingdom
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 400+
Class Cleric (Hextor)
Alignment Neutral Evil

Lady Lorana Kath is a human death knight, one of the fourteen originals who betrayed their fellow Knight Protectors of the Great Kingdom.


Lady Lorana Kath augments her skeletal visage with gruesome masks made from the severed faces of young maidens. She often accessorizes her plate armor with a bloody apron and bridal veil.


In life, Kath was known as a powerful priestess of Hextor. She was admitted into the Knight Protectors in an unorthodox manner, as recognition for her medical skills on the battlefield during the Red Gnoll Clashes (circa 185-189 CY). However, Kath was possessed of a scheming and ambitious mind, and desired to marry herself to a leading Aerdi noble to aid in her pursuit of power in the Great Kingdom. She was betrothed to Prince Moranvich in 196 CY, but the engagement soon fell apart.

After the death of Knight Commander Lord Nidramon the Hextorian in 202 CY, Kath began to court the favor of Lord Kargoth, a powerful Heironean who most felt would be chosen as Nidramon's replacement. However, when the Council Gallant instead chose Sir Benedor Monlath of Chathold, Kath was there to fan the fires of Kargoth's rage. After Kargoth failed to overcome Benedor in a duel at the later's investiture in 203 CY, he was seduced by the demon lord Demogorgon, who transformed the mighty paladin into Oerth's first death knight.

Kargoth soon assembled thirteen of his fellow Knight Protectors, including Kath, to plot revenge. Kargoth led his allies on a raid of the Temple of Lothan near Rel Deven, in order to seize an ancient Oeridian artifact known as the Orb of Sol. Using foul magic granted to him by Demogorgon, Kargoth used the Orb to deliver his allies to his master, transforming them into death knights as well, and also to unleash a great demonic horror known as Arendagrost, Maw of the Abyss, upon the land.

Kath, unlike Kargoth, has no interest in advancing the plans of Demogorgon, and still considers herself a priestess of Hextor. She maintains an estate to the northwest of the Stringen region of the North Kingdom, where she amuses herself with research into the Ur-Flan and their necromantic practices. It is said that Kath's research into these ancient sorcerers led her to develop the means to create animuses, the unique undead servitors of Ivid V in the last years of his reign. Kath supposedly created the process as a means of reversing the transformation invoked upon herself.


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