Lone Heath

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The Lone Heath is a combination of marshland and scrub land.


Flora and fauna


The Lone Heath serves as a home to many demi-humans and outlaws who fled from the many tyrants of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. Rangers and druids have joined with these men and guard the region from incursions by the successors of the former Great Kingdom, the United Kingdom of Ahlissa and the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy.

Evil personages have always avoided this land, which is unusal with such places, but there is recent evidence that this situation just might be changing.

Features and settlements

The Lone Heath is found at the eastern edges of the Grandwood Forest. The city of Ountsy, a member of the Solnor Compact claims the wetlands as part of their territory.

Strange, glowing lights have been seen in the night and somehow give the impression of a malignant nature.