Lolth's Prison

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Greyhawk Planet
Lolth's Prison
Planetary Body Type Earth
Size Approx. 2,000 yards in diameter
Rotational Period Unknown
Orbital Period Unknown
Satellites None
Distance from Primary Unknown
Native Inhabitants Bone colossus

Lolth's Prison is a small desert world "somewhere on the edge of the galaxy" accessible from the Demonweb Pits. It is flat, shaped like a disk, though it has normal Oerthlike gravity. The sky is black, and in the sky can be seen many stars as well as five small suns ranging in color from red to white. The world is covered with a force field dome preventing its atmosphere from escaping, and the entire world radiates magic.

The cleric Trinax was imprisoned on this world for a time, guarded by a massive regenerating skeleton known as the Bone Colossus.


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