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Greyhawk Settlement
Motto/Nickname Unknown
Realm The Yeomanry League
Government Democratic Republic
Population 8,400
Authority Figures Council of Common Grosspokesmen

Loftwick, population 8,400, is the capital of the The Yeomanry League, home of Marius Lindon the Freeholder, Spokesman for the Yeomanry League. Lindon is ruled by the Council of Common Grosspokesmen.


Loftwick has recently (as of 591 CY) seen many dwarf and svirfneblin smiths and craftsmen move to the city, refugees thanks to the unrest in the mountains as the White Kingdom continues to expand. As the ghouls conquer the Underdark, monstrous races flee to shallower depths, coming into contact with the demihumans. The Loftwick Smith's Guild has been registering complaints as the prices for their services have plummeted, and local unrest has threatened to create mob violence against the immigrants.

Theodain Eriason—a member of the Circle of Eight—is a resident of Loftwick.

In other media

Rose Estes' novel The Eyes Have It, which is not considered canon, contains a description of Loftwick on pages 78 and 80. In the novel, the city expanded dramatically after the events of the Queen of the Spiders supermodule, when Lolth and her giant allies conquered the neighboring land, the March of Sterich. Most of Loftwick's population now lives outside the old city walls.

The sewers of Loftwick are said to be "an engineering marvel."


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