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The following are deities found in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting.

Deities associated with humans

Greater deities

  • Beory, goddess of the Oerth, Nature, and Rain.
  • Boccob, god of Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance, and Foresight.
  • Incabulos, god of Plagues, Sickness, Famine, Nightmares, Drought, and Disasters.
  • Istus, goddess of Fate, Destiny, Divination, Future, and Honesty.
  • Mictlantecuhtli, god of Death, Darkness, Murder, and the Underworld.
  • Nerull, god of Death, Darkness, Murder, and the Underworld.
  • Pelor, god of the Sun, Light, Strength, and Healing.
  • Quetzalcoatl, god of the Air, Birds, and Snakes.
  • Rao, god of Peace, Reason and Serenity.
  • Tezcatlipoca, god of the Sun, Moon, the Night, Scheming, Betrayals, and Lightning.
  • Uvot, god of Prosperity.

Intermediate deities

  • Breeka, goddess of Living Things.
  • Celestian, god of Stars, Space and Wanderers.
  • Coatlicue, goddess of Birth, Death, and Earth.
  • Ehlonna, goddess of Forests, Woodlands, Flora and Fauna, and Fertility.
  • Erythnul, god of Hate, Envy, Malice, Panic, Ugliness, and Slaughter.
  • Fharlanghn, god of Horizons, Distance, Travel, and Roads.
  • Heironeous, god of Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, and Valor.
  • Hextor, god of War, Discord, Massacres, Conflict, Fitness, and Tyranny.
  • Huhueteotl, god of Fire and the Motion of Time.
  • Kord, god of Athletics, Sports, Brawling, Strength, and Courage.
  • Lendor, god of Time, Tedium, Patience, and Study.
  • Nola, goddess of the Sun.
  • Obad-Hai, god of Nature, Woodlands, Freedom, Hunting, and Beasts.
  • Olidammara, god of Music, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, and Tricks.
  • Pholtus, god of Light, Resolution, Law, and Order.
  • Procan, god of Seas, Sea Life, Salt, Sea Weather, and Navigation.
  • Ralishaz, god of Chance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, and Insanity.
  • Saint Cuthbert, god of Common Sense, Wisdom, Zeal, Honesty, Truth, and Discipline.
  • Tharizdun, god of Eternal Darkness, Decay, Entropy, Malign Knowledge, and Insanity.
  • Tlaloc, god of Rain.
  • Tlazoteotl, goddess of Earth Mother, Agriculture, and Nature.
  • Tonatiuh, god of Sun and Misfortune.
  • Trithereon, god of Individuality, Liberty, Retribution, and Self-Defense.
  • Ulaa, goddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstones.
  • Vogan, god of Weather and Storms.
  • Wee Jas, goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law.
  • Zilchus, god of Power, Prestige, Money, Business, and Influence.

Lesser deities

  • Allitur, god of Ethics and Propriety.
  • Atroa, goddess of Spring, East Wind, and Renewal.
  • Beltar, goddess of Malice, Caves, and Pits.
  • Berei, goddess of Home, Family, and Agriculture.
  • Berna, goddess of Passion and Forgiveness.
  • Bleredd, god of Metal, Mines, and Smiths.
  • Bralm, goddess of Insects and Industriousness.
  • Camazotz, god of Bats, Vampires, and the Underworld.
  • Cyndor, god of Time, Infinity, and Continuity.
  • Dalt, god of Portals, Doors, Enclosures, Locks, and Keys.
  • Delleb, god of Reason, Intellect, and Study.
  • Fortubo, god of Stone, Metals, Mountains, and Guardianship.
  • Geshtai, goddess of Lakes, Rivers, Wells, and Streams.
  • Jascar, god of Hills and Mountains.
  • Joramy, goddess of Fire, Volcanoes, Wrath, Anger, and Quarrels.
  • Katay, god of Decay, inevitability, Order, and Time.
  • Kundo, god of Building, Noise, Music, and Defense.
  • Kurell, god of Jealousy, Revenge, and Theft.
  • Lirr, goddess of Prose, Poetry, Literature, and Art.
  • Llerg, god of Beasts and Strength.
  • Lydia, goddess of Music, Knowledge, and Daylight.
  • Meyanok, god of Serpents, Poison, Discord, Darkness, and Famine.
  • Mouqol, god of Trade, Negotiation, Ventures, Appraisal, and Reciprocity.
  • Myhriss, goddess of Love, Romance, and Beauty.
  • Norebo, god of Luck, Gambling, and Risks.
  • Osprem, goddess of Sea voyages, Ships, and Sailors.
  • Phaulkon, god of the Air, Wind, Clouds, Birds and Archery.
  • Phyton, god of Nature, Beauty, and Farming.
  • Pyremius, god of Fire, Poison, and Murder.
  • Red Fox, god of Crafts and Thievery.
  • Sotillion, goddess of Summer, South Wind, Ease, and Comfort.
  • Syrul, goddess of Lies, Deceit, Treachery, and False Promises.
  • Telchur, god of Winter, Cold, and the North Wind.
  • Urbanus, god Cities.
  • Vatun, god of the Northern Barbarians, Cold, Winter, and Arctic Beasts.
  • Vecna, god of Destructive and Evil Secrets.
  • Velnius, god of the Sky and Weather.
  • Wenta, goddess of Autumn, West Wind, Harvest, and Brewing.
  • Xan Yae, goddess of Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, and Mental Power.
  • Xanag, goddess of Metals and Beauty.
  • Xerbo, god of the Sea, Sailing, Money, and Business.
  • Zodal, god of Mercy, Hope, and Benevolence.


  • Al'Akbar, god of Guardianship, Faithfulness, Dignity, and Duty.
  • Ayailla, goddess of Light.
  • Cas, god of Vengeance and Spite.
  • Chaav, god of Joy.
  • Chitza-Atlan, god of Centaurs, Guarding the Underworld, and the Dead.
  • Damaran, god of Vermin and Cowardice.
  • Earth Dragon, demigod of Earth, Weather, and Hidden Treasure.
  • Estanna, goddess of Hearth and Home.
  • Green Man, god of Growth and Abundance.
  • Hurakon, god of Floods and Unrestrained Fury.
  • Iuz, god of Deceit, Pain, Oppression, and Evil.
  • Kyuss, god of the Creation and Mastery of Undead.
  • Lastai, goddess of Pleasure, Love, and Passion.
  • Mayaheine, goddess of Protection, Valor, and Justice.
  • Merikka, goddess of Farming, Agriculture, and Home.
  • Phieran, god of Suffering, Endurance, and Perseverance.
  • Rudd, goddess of Chance, Good Luck, and Skill.
  • Stern Alia, goddess of Oeridian Culture, Law, and Motherhood.
  • Vara, goddess of Nightmares and Fear.
  • Wastri, god of Amphibians, Bigotry, and Self-Deception.
  • Zagyg, god of Humor, Eccentricity, Occult Lore, and Unpredictability.
  • Zuoken, god of Physical and Mental Mastery.


  • Azor'alq, god of Light, Purity, Courage, and Strength.
  • Daern, goddess of Defenses and Fortifications.
  • Daoud, god of Humility, Clarity, and Immediacy.
  • Heward, god of Bards and Musicians.
  • Johydee, goddess of Deception, Espionage, and Protection.
  • Kelanen, god of Swords, Sword Skill, and Balance.
  • Keoghtom, god of Secret Pursuits, Natural Alchemy, and Extraplaner Exploration.
  • Kuroth, god of Theft and Treasure Finding.
  • Murlynd, god of Magical Technology.
  • Nazarn, god of Formal and Public Combat.
  • Tsolorandril, god of Wave Motions.
  • Vathris, god of Anguish, Lost Causes, and Revenge.


Deities of unknown rank

  • Aengrist, god of Law and Order in Cold Climates.
  • Kaelthiere, goddess of Evil Fire.
  • Rallaster, god of Murder, Torture, and Psychotic Behavior.
  • Scahrossar, goddess of Exquisite Pain.
  • Xammux, god of Indifference and Forbidden Knowledge.

Deities associated with non-humans

Aquatic deities

Atmospheric deities

Bugbear deities

Dragon deities

  • Aasterinian, god of Learning, Invention, and Pleasure.
  • Astilabor, god of Acquisitiveness, Status, and Wealth.
  • Bahamut, god of Good Dragons, Wind, and Wisdom.
  • Chronepsis, god of Fate, Death, and Judgment.
  • Faluzure, god of Decay, Undeath, and Exhaustion.
  • Garyx, god of Fire, Destruction, and Renewal.
  • Hlal, god of Humor, Storytelling, and Inspiration.
  • Io, god of Dragonkind, Balance, and Peace.
  • Lendys, god of Balance and Justice.
  • Rais, goddess of Intellect and Silver Dragonkind
  • Sardior, god of Neutral Dragons, Night, Psionics, and Secrets.
  • Tamara, god of Life, Light, and Mercy.
  • Tiamat, goddess of Evil Dragons, Conquest, and Greed.

Drow deities

  • Keptolo, demigod of Males, Flattery, Intoxication, Rumor, and Opportunity.
  • Kiaransalee, demigoddess of Slavery, Vengeance, and Undeath.
  • Lolth, goddess of Drow, Spiders, Evil, Darkness, and Chaos.
  • Vhaeraun, god of Thievery and Territory.
  • Zinzerena, demigoddess of Deception, Humiliation, Ambush, and Assassination.

Dwarven deities

Elven deities

Giant deities

  • Annam, god of Magic, Knowledge, Fertility, and Philosophy.
  • Diancastra, hero-goddess of Trickery, Wit, Impudence, and Pleasure.
  • Grolantor, god of Hill Giants, Ettins, Ogres, Hunting, and Combat.
  • Hiatea, goddess of Nature, Agriculture, Hunting, Females, and Children.
  • Iallanis, goddess of Love, Mercy, and Beauty.
  • Karontor, god of Deformity, Hatred, and Beasts.
  • Kostchtchie, demon prince of Wrath.
  • Memnor, god of Pride, Mental Prowess, and Control.
  • Skoraeus Stonebones, god of Stone Giants.
  • Stronmaus, god of Sun, Sky, Weather, and Joy.
  • Surtr, god of Fire Giants.
  • Thrym, god of Frost Giants, Cold, Ice, and Magic.
  • Vaprak, god of Combat and Greed.

Gnoll deities

Gnome deities

Goblin deities

Hag deities

Halfling deities

  • Arvoreen, god of Protection, Vigilance, and War.
  • Brandobaris, god of Stealth, Thieves, and Adventuring.
  • Charmalaine, hero-goddess of Keen Senses and Narrow Escapes.
  • Cyrrollalee, goddess of Friendship, Trust, and Home.
  • Sheela Peryroyl, goddess of Nature, Agriculture, and Weather.
  • Urogalan, demigod of Earth, Death, and Protection of the Dead.
  • Yondalla, goddess of Halflings, Protection, Fertility, Children, Security, Leadership, Diplomacy, Wisdom, the Cycle of Life, Creation, Family and Familial Love, Tradition, Community, Harmony, and Prosperity.

Kobold deities

Mongrelfolk deities

  • Meriadar, god of Patience, Meditation, Tolerance, Arts, and Crafts.

Orcish deities

  • Gruumsh, god of Orcs, Conquest, Survival, Strength, and Territory.
  • Bahgtru, god of Strength and Stupidity.
  • Ilneval, god of Warfare and Leadership.
  • Luthic, goddess of Female Orcs, Fertility, Medicine, Healing, Servitude, Caves, and Homes.
  • Shargaas, god of Darkness, Thieves, Stealth, Night, and Undead.
  • Yurtrus, god of Death and Disease.

Reptilian deities

Shapeshifter deities

Sylvan deities

Undead deities

Underdark deities

Xvart deities

Xill deities


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