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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) Lady Poet, the Lorekeeper
Home Plane Arborea
Power Level Lesser
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic good
Portfolio Prose, Poetry, Literature, Art
Domains Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Lirr is the Oeridian goddess of Prose, Poetry, Literature, and Art in the World of Greyhawk. Her symbol is an illustrated book.


Lirr is usually depicted as a fresh-faced Oeridian woman with dark blue eyes and long black hair. The goddess carries a tome that can show any prose, poetry, spell, or artwork ever created. Lirr gladly cooperates with all who respect knowledge, learning, and the arts, and opposes those that would destroy knowledge and art or hide it from others.


Lirr is allied with Delleb.


Lirr dwells within the city of Polykeptolon in the realm of Olympian, or Greek, pantheon. Polykeptolon is a realm of scholars and philosophers who keep slaves to deal with the gross demands of the body while the upper class concentrates on the nature of the gods and the planes.


Lirr teaches that the written word is the lynchpin of civilization. To her, the preservation of written works—-fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose—-is paramount, and oral works must be transcribed into written format. Art is also to be protected and revered, as pictures are often worth thousands of words.


Many Oeridian wizards and sorcerers revere Lirr, especially those who dislike Delleb's reclusive and conservative disposition. Lirr is the patron goddess of the tree people of the Valley of the Mage.


Lirr's priests wander the Oerth searching for knowledge, news, lore, poetry, historical tales, magic, and works of art. They sneak into lands controlled by oppressive rulers (such as the Pomarj, Scarlet Brotherhood, and Empire of Iuz), seeking to rescue items of interest that are in danger of being destroyed out of either ignorance or malice. Many Lirrian priests train as bards, telling stories and creating works of art rather than singing. Such clerics often find work as scribes, tutors, and artists. Novice priests spend months creating copies of the local temple's archives of scrolls, books, and artwork, which are then distributed among the masses so that others may enjoy them.

The favored weapons of Lirr's clergy are the rapier and shortspear.


Temples and shrines to Lirr are most common in lands with significant Oeridian populations or influence. One of her better-known places of worship is the shrine housed at the Guildhall of Performing Artistes in Greyhawk City.

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