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Greyhawk Plane
Chaos of Limbo
A map of Limbo, as depicted in Manual of the Planes (2001).
Type Outer plane
Layers 5
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Native Inhabitants Slaad, neraph, githzerai, Limbo stalker, chaos imp, chaos beast
Greyhawk Powers Procan, Kurell, Ralishaz, Ygorl, Chourst, Rennbuu, Ssendam, Fenmarel Mestarine

Limbo or, more fully, the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo, is a chaotic neutral-aligned plane of existence.


Limbo is a place of pure chaos where everything is in constant motion and change, especially the landscape, which can shift unpredictably and randomly rolls over upon itself like liquid. Very few places in Limbo are stable enough for normal travel.


Limbo is home to the slaadi and their lords (most notably Ygorl and Ssendam), and to the githzerai. Very few gods call Limbo home, as the plane is not well-suited to any sort of permanent structures. The shared realm of Tempus and the Red Knight can be found on Limbo, as can Shaundakul's realm. The elven god Fenmarel Mestarine calls this chaotic plane home as well.

Lum the Mad is said to have been trapped on the plane of Limbo since his ancient battle with his rebellious general Leuk-o.


Limbo is sometimes said to have five layers, though if this is true every layer looks more or less the same (or equally different), and the same sites and realms drift from layer to layer freely. Limbo borders Ysgard, the Outlands, and Pandemonium; travel may be possible between these planes at certain locations. Portals in Limbo may be wells, doors, pools, bottomless openings in chaos, archways, etc.—they are usually more stable than the surrounding plane. One such portal leads to Olidammara's den in Ysgard. The Immeasurable is an unusually chaotic region that contains the portal to the town of Xaos in the Outlands.


The plane of Limbo is the location of a number of godly realms:

  • The elven god Fenmarel Mestarine's realm, Fennimar.
  • Indra, Vayu, and Agni's realm, Swarga.
  • Kurell's realm, the House of Locks.
  • Llerg's realm, Beasthaven.
  • Procan's realm, Seasedge.
  • Ralishaz's realm, the Kiss of Luck.
  • Shaundakul's realm, Shaunadaur.
  • Shina-Tsu-Hiko's realm, Windshome.
  • Sirrion's realm, the Flame Void.
  • Tempus and the Red Knight's shared realm Knight's Rest.
  • The Spawning Stone is the focus of the slaadi race, created by Ygorl and guarded by Ssendam.
  • Shra'kt'lor and the Floating City are the twin capitals of the githzerai people; Shra'kt'lor is the military capital and the Floating City is their center of learning and mysticism.
  • Susanoo's realm , the Globe of Raging Chaos.


  • Chaos dragon

Creative origins

Limbo is named after the Limbo of Catholic mythology although, apart from being between Heaven and Hell, there is little similarity of philosophy between the two realms. In appearance, it is based on the Abyss in John Milton's Paradise Lost.

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