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Greyhawk Deity
The symbol of Lendys, as depicted in Draconomicon (2003). Art by Dennis Crabapple McClain.
Title(s) Scale of Justice, Balancer, Weigher of Lives
Home Plane Mechanus
Power Level Lesser deity
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful neutral
Portfolio Balance, Justice
Domains Destruction, Dragon, Law, Protection [Retribution]
Superior Io

Lendys is the draconic god of Balance and Justice. His symbol is a sword balanced on the point of a needle. While Chronepsis is said to mete out justice for dragons in the afterlife, Lendys presides over justice meted out during a dragon's lifetime.


Lendys appears as a huge, wingless, platinum-colored dragon. His eyes shine forth with beams of brilliant light from which no one can hide. Lendys's scales are tarnished, some say because he cares more about judging others than tending to himself.


Lendys is part of the draconic pantheon, which includes Io, Aasterinian, Astilabor, Bahamut, Chronepsis, Garyx, Hlal, Sardior, Tamara, Tiamat, and others. Like most of the dragon deities, Lendys is considered to be a child of Io.

Some myths say that Lendys mated with Tamara, and their offspring is Bahamut, who combines his father's love of justice with his mother's love of mercy.

Worshipers of Lendys get along well with worshipers of Saint Cuthbert, but poorly with worshipers of chaotic deities such as Erythnul, Kord, and Olidammara.


Lendys's realm is somewhere on the plane of Mechanus, also known as Nirvana. There, he is served by a trio of great wyrm silver dragons and by a quartet of maruts who all speak and act in unison.


Justice personified, Lendys represents the principle that every action has an appropriate reaction. Lendys ensures that the good receive good, the bad receive bad, and that those who live by the sword ultimately die by it. Lendys possesses no mercy or forgiveness, and he does not give second chances. When a dragon has committed an injustice against dragonkind, Lendys dispatches a servant to dole out the appropriate penalty.


Lendys is worshiped by lawful dragons, though many attempt to balance Lendys's implacable justice with mercy of their own.


Clerics and paladins of Lendys often serve as arbiters of justice within their communities. In some towns, servants of Lendys are also depended on to personally punish offenders.


Temples to Lendys are uncommon. Much more often, a symbol of Lendys will be placed in a courtroom or on a gallows or other instrument of judgment.


All trials are considered holy rites in the cult of Lendys. Prayers to Lendys, recited in solemn tones, all involve judgment.


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