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Greyhawk Deity
Lendor, as depicted in Dragon #86 (1984).
Title(s) Prince of Time, Master of Tedium
Home Plane Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Male (usually)
Class(es) Cleric 12/Fighter 13/Magic-user 19
Alignment Lawful neutral
Portfolio Time, Tedium, Patience, and Study
Domains Destiny, Knowledge, Law, Mind, Oracle, Protection, Rune
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Lendor is the Suel god of Time, Tedium, Patience, and Study. His holy symbol is a crescent moon superimposed upon a full moon surrounded by stars. Though the exact number of stars varies, it is usually fourteen.

Lendor is a distant deity who has withdrawn from the affairs of the world to care for larger issues. He considers himself superior to other deities, especially his children. He has the ability to banish or undo the magic of any his brood.


Lendor is depicted as a husky older man with flowing hair and a long beard of white. He wields a flaming sword named Afterglow. He sometimes manifests as a silver dragon or a female elf.


Lendor is regarded as the leader and progenitor of the Suel pantheon. Few details are available in canon sources on his specific relationship to various deities, but it is known that he is the father of Phaulkon, Wee Jas, and Norebo and grandfather of Kord. In fact, Lendor is the only known deity who can soothe his grandson's legendary rages.

The exact relationship between Lendor and the Oeridian time-god Cyndor is unknown, though Lendor has been referred to as Cyndor's "sometime ally (and superior)."


Lendor is served by spectators in his realm in Mechanus, which is called the Wheel of Time.


Lendor's followers teach that the present should be kept in perspective. Time is infinite, and what seems important now may not be so critical in the long term. One must look at the stretch of history and the greater universe in order to see the significance of what is perceived with the immediate senses. Lendor knows that age brings experience, wisdom, and the urge to take things more slowly.


Lendor's tiny amount of remaining worshippers are sages, old men, and others distant from everyday concerns.


Lendor has few young priests, and many regard this dearth of new blood as a sign that his faith is in decline. His priest tend to be village elders, record-keepers, sages, and the like. The vast majority of the priesthood tends toward a cloistered lifestyle, spending little time outside their temples, libraries, or universities. They tend to be uncreative and preoccupied with ritual, formalities, and unswerving devotion to lawful neutrality. The few adventuring or traveling members of Lendor's faith tend to be its younger members, who make act as wandering advisers to conservative leaders or mount expeditions to recover artifacts or tomes lost for many generations. Lendor's priests tend to arm themselves with greatswords and piercing or slashing weapons.


Lendor's services involve interminable recitations officiated by elderly priests.

Myths and legends

Lendor is said to have started the flow of time at the birth of the universe with a single blow from Afterglow.

Creative origins

Lendor was created by Lenard Lakofka.


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