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Greyhawk Deity
Kuroth in the middle of a heist, as portrayed in the Living Greyhawk Journal #3
Title(s) The Master Thief
Home Plane Oerth
Power Level Hero-deity
Gender Male
Class(es) Rogue
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio Theft, Treasure-Finding
Domains Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Alias(es) none
Superior Olidammara

Kuroth is the Oeridian hero-god of Theft and Treasure-Finding. Kuroth's symbol is a gold coin bearing the image of a key or a quill.


Kuroth appears as an Oeridian man with a fancy mustache and medium-length black hair. He is occasionally accompanied by a ferret.


Kurtoth was sponsered to godhood by Olidammara.





Kuroth's priests prefer daggers and rapiers.

Most of Kuroth's priests work as thieves, and are forbidden from destroying any item of value. Thrill-seekers, they constantly search for the greatest challenge with the biggest payoff. Such inclinations keep the priesthood's numbers low and reputation high.


Said to have been the greatest thief of his day, the Oeridian man known as Kuroth was quite wealthy even before attaining godhood, and only continued to pursue his thieving career in for the sake of keeping his skills honed and his reputation hale. After completing a particularly risky quest for Olidammara, Kuroth was sponsored to godhood by the Laughing Rogue.

Famous exploits of Kuroth include stealing Shandor's Gavel while the Court of Essence in Rauxes was in session and stealing flawless emeralds from Vlad Tolenkov's coffin while the vampire lord slept. (DRA#294, page 96)


Kuroth is known to have authored the following works:

  • Theories on Perception


Kuroth's Quill

Kuroth's Quill is an artifact, a quill pen that allows its user to magically read any writing in any language, and alter reality by using the Quill to write whatever he wishes to happen on a piece of parchment.


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