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Greyhawk Deity
Kurell, as depicted in Dragon #263. Art by Rebecca Guay.
Title(s) The Bitter Hand, The Scorned Heart, The Vengeful Knave, the Green-Eyed God, the Avenger, Black Wolf of the North, He Who Must Possess, Lord of Thieves
Home Plane Limbo, Pandemonium
Power Level Lesser
Gender male
Class(es) Thief 25, Fighter 20
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Portfolio Jealousy, Revenge, Theft
Domains Chaos, Luck, Trickery
Alias(es) Black Wolf (Wolf Nomads and Flan)
Superior none

Kurell is the Oeridian god of Jealousy, Revenge, and Thievery. His holy symbol is a grasping hand holding a broken coin, fingers pointed upwards.


Kurell manifests as a tall, handsome, virile Oeridian man with bright green eyes and olive skin. He also sometimes takes the form of a large, black wolf with eyes of an equally vivid green. In his true form, which he does not deliberately reveal to anyone, he is a small, unattractive, slightly overweight man.


Kurell was once pursued by Atroa, but he rejected her in order to pursue her sister, Sotillion, which earned him the displeasure of both goddesses, as well as Sotillion's husband, Zilchus, who is also Kurell's brother.

Kurell is allied with Joramy, Ralishaz, Syrul, Erythnul, Xan Yae, and Trithereon. Kurell is terribly jealous of Olidammara and Norebo, who are more popular among rogues than he is. Kurell is an enemy of Allitur, Dalt, Nerull, Rudd, Saint Cuthbert, Pholtus and Heironeous. He is listed as both the enemy and ally of Xan Yae and Syrul.


Kurell's realm in Limbo is called the House of Locks, and his domain in Pandesmos is called House of the Bitter Hand.


Kurell teaches his worshippers to take what is rightfully theirs and to seize all their desires. Many believe that retribution for wrongs is more likely to be done correctly if they do it themselves.


Kurell's worship is prominent in the Bandit Kingdoms, among the Wolf Nomads, in Old Aerdy East, and among the Rovers of the Barrens. The power of Kurell's church has grown in the Hold of the Sea Princes since that land's capture by the Scarlet Brotherhood. A group of Kurell-worshippers called the Spurned Circle controlled the Wreckers, the thieves' guild in Scant, before they were overthrown by Rakehell Chert (a worshiper of Olidammara). Pockets of Kurell worship can be found in most major cities with significant Oeridian influence. Cells of Kurell's followers can be found in many thieves' guilds, collectively known as the Legion of the Bitter Hand. Both Rookroost and Stoink feature priests of Kurell who claim to lead the Legion.

Prayers to Kurell are offered nightly, and usually involve thoughts of vengeance.


Clerics of Kurell tend to be self-centered, teaching by example rather than by doctrine. They seldom proselytize unless they see some immediate benefit to themselves. Many make a living as thieves or travel in search of wealth. Some clerics of Kurell are also assassins; these individuals are highly paid and frequently used by the church itself. Clerics of Kurell are, perhaps oddly, generally trustworthy if no ill is done to them, as they do not wish to earn any vengeance upon themselves.

Ceremonial garb for priests of Kurell involves a golden half-mask and a plain cloak lined with precious furs inside and decorated with small tokens important only to those from which they were stolen. Adventuring garb usually includes leather armor that has been dyed a dark red to symbolize Kurell's rage for vengeance.


Most of the Bitter Hand's temples are little more than simple shrines or small chapels.

The Black Wolf's Lair, a forboding cave complex in the Burneal Forest (hex I5-68, Darlene map), is considered a holy place by the followers of Kurell.

In the North Kingdom city of Atirr, a small chapel to Kurell is within the College of Endings and Beginnings, the city's assassin's guild, where the assassins of the order pray for success on their missions.

A temple of Kurell is in Rookroost, where the Bitter Hand receives worship from guildmaster Elara Mornstar and the majority of the thieves guild there. All clerics wishing to be initiated into the Rookroost Thieves Guild must be ordained in the church of Kurell.

Kurell's most prominent temple is the Vault of the Hidden Horde, in the catacombs beneath the city of Kalstrand, the newly proclaimed capitol of the United Kingdom of Ahlissa where the populace worships the Oeridian pantheon almost exclusively and where organized thievery is rampant. Arch-Avenger Vensch Estende secretly presides over all three rival thieves´ guilds active in Kalstrand and dreams of the day when Overking Xavener dances to his whim as well.

Holy days


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