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Greyhawk Deity
Home Plane Prime Material (Oerth)
Power Level Quasi-deity
Gender Male
Class(es) Ranger 15/Illusionist 20/Thief 7/Bard 4
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Preventing the domination of the Flanaess
Domains None (quasi-deity; can't grant spells)

Krovis is a sleeping hero, resting in a crypt beneath the Drachensgrab Hills for almost 2000 years, off and on, emerging only to prevent the conquest of the entire Flanaess by a single group. He has been resting since the time of Lum the Mad and, before that, since the heyday of the Isles of Woe. Whether he awoke during the Greyhawk Wars is unknown.


Krovis is a man of pure Flan appearance, with bronze skin, brown eyes, and curly brown hair. He wears a suit of bronze plate mail. His mood is perpetually somber and grim. Whatever Krovis does, he plans carefully, allowing for no improvisation. He is only merry after his foe is conquered, and then only for a short time before once again he returns to his crypt.


Krovis is a close ally of Trithereon.


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