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Greyhawk Deity
Kostchtchie, Prince of Wrath, as depicted on the cover of Dragon #119 (1987).
Title(s) Prince of Wrath
Home Plane Abyss
Power Level Demon lord
Gender Male
Class(es) Fighter 13 (avatar)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Portfolio Strength, Violence, Wrath
Domains Chaos, Evil, Fury, Winter
Superior None

Kostchtchie is the Demon Prince of Wrath. His symbol is a hammer rimmed in bloody ice.


Kostchtchie appears as a bandy-legged, yellow-skinned, and (other than his eyebrows) hairless brute, who carries a magic hammer which he squashes his victims with. In the game's first edition, Kostchtchie was a mere seven feet tall. In third edition, he is now more than 20 feet tall.


Kostchtchie is a demon lord who is so hateful and hideous that all other demons despise him. He himself hates most everything, as befitting his title as the Prince of Wrath. Even though he is a tanar'ri himself, he wanted to destroy the tanar'ri race as he never saw himself as one of them. Toward this end, he has tried to form an alliance with Obox-ob. Three of Kostchtchie's most hated rivals include Graz'zt, Malcanthet, and the frost giant deity Thrym. The Prince of Wrath also bears great hatred for the celestial paragon Gwynharwyf.

Though she certainly played a part in his ascension, the current status of Baba Yaga's relationship with Kostchtchie is unknown.


Kostchtchie's favored mount is a white dragon called Svafnir.


Kostchtchie resides on the 23rd layer of the Abyss, called the Iron Wastes, a realm of mighty glaciers and plunging temperatures.


Kostchtchie, as depicted in the Monster Manual II (1983).


Although Kostchtchie himself was never a frost giant, he identifies himself as one of them, and works to subjugate the entire race to his worship, which puts him into direct conflict with the frost giant god Thrym. Kostchtchie's cult are for the most part males, and certainly none of his thralls are women. Any women in his cults have marginal roles, as he is misogynistic in the extreme. Frost giant tribes under Kostchtchie's rule often increase their numbers not by reproduction but by raiding other tribes who are not worshippers of the demon lord.

While most of Kostchtchie's cultists are frost giants, human and ogre worshippers exist as well. Millennia ago, frost giants of the Iron Wastes enslaved a clan of duergar and took them back to the Abyss to act as slaves. They have slowly changed, becoming more like their frost giant masters, and now these "frost dwarves" toil in Kostchtchie's mines and forges.


Kotchtchie's clergy favor the maul.


Kostchtchie started life as a hideous mortal human whose physical ugliness was matched only the ugliness of his soul. Rejection and derision from his own people only served to foment his hatred. Kostchtchie eventually met the legendary witch Baba Yaga, who gave him a strange container of nested skulls into which he can store his soul. As long as the skulls remained hidden and unharmed, Kostchtchie was invulnerable to death. With his newfound immortality, Kostchtchie wreaked horrible vengeance upon all those who wronged and ridiculed him. Even then, his anger was not satiated and he went on to amass a huge army to spread more misery and destruction. Finally, a celestial paragon, Gwynharwyf, intervened and struck him down, sending his soul into the Abyss. There, it became lodged in the eternal ice of the Iron Wastes, a place as cold and pitiless as himself, and Kostchtchie began life anew, eventually becoming a demon lord.

Creative origins

According to the "Demonomicon of Iggwilv" article in Dragon #345, Kostchtchie's name was inspired by Koschei the Deathless of Russian folklore.

Publishing history

Kostchtchie made his first appearance in the first edition module The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth. He later appeared in the first edition Monster Manual II.

Kostchtchie was first detailed for the d20 system in The Tome of Horrors (2002), from Necromancer Games, and received official 3.5 statistics in Fiendish Codex I (2006).


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