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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Abbarra
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Assassin 12
Alignment Neutral Evil

Kor is the Rhelt of the Bandit Kingdom of Abbarra.


Kor was Rhelt of Abbarra in 578 CY when he sent horsemen to help the Horned Society repel incursions by nomads and Rovers in the north. When Tenh invaded Grosskopf later that year, he abandoned his ally to join Combination troops at Rookroost. The resulting rift with the Heirarchs resulted in the invasion of Abbarra.

After expelling Society forces from his lands, Kor led his warriors south into the Shield Lands (579 CY), where they spent two years raiding and pillaging.

When Iuz crossed the Ritenza in 583 CY, Kor fled with his shattered army. It is presumed he was present at Steelbone Meadows (584 CY), and rumored that he still survives. If so, this ruthless assassin is likely behind many of the attacks directed against supply lines that cross the Bandit Lands.