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Greyhawk creature
Alignment Always chaotic evil
Type Monstrous Humanoid
Subtype Aquatic
First appearance The Isle of Dread (1981)

Kopru are a sinister race of amphibians of great intellect. Kopru have supernatural mental powers, which they use primarily to control and manipulate other creatures.


Female koprus lay 3-5 eggs once a year.


Kopru dwell in underwater caves near the ruins of their ancient cities. Their expansion is limited by their need for hot, wet environments such as tropical swamps and hot springs to incubate their eggs. A ruined kopru settlement exists beneath the town of Cauldron. Kopru have been seen in the Densac Gulf and beneath the Isle of Dread.

Typical physical characteristics

Kopru have smooth heads, large eyes, and sphinctered mouths covered in tentacles. Their torsos are roughly humanoid with webbed, clawed four-fingered hands at the ends of their arms, but from the waist down their eel-like bodies end in three fluke-like tails, each ending in a sharp claw. Their bodies average 9 feet long, colored varying shades of gray to blue, green, and orange. Their bodies are thick and oily like those of whales. They have both gills and lungs, though in some groups their lungs are atrophied.

The average kopru lives to be 50 years old.


Kopru are always chaotic evil.


Kopru are matriarchal. Originally male shamans were the ruling nobles of their race, but the stronger and more sorcery-attuned females soon took charge, and kopru city-states became oligarchies of noble families, with each family headed by its eldest female. Since their civilization shattered, they commonly live alone or in small bands ruled by their females.


Kopru have worshiped Demogorgon since ancient times. Kopru shamans of Demogorgon are exclusively male, and the greatest among them have the ability to transform themselves into two-headed mutants that are actually aspects of Demogorgon himself.

Kopru also worship two Elder Evils, Prukal and Shothotugg, who they believe to be Demogorgon's mothers. Sacrifices are made to Prukal atop great basalt pyramids, while sacrifices to Shothotugg were performed in deep pits beneath the pyramids.


Kopru speak Common and Aquan. They rarely speak, and their words sound like halting gasps, hisses, and belches. Their nobles, whose skulls are ritually deformed from birth, are able to speak in more complex ways.


Nearly 13,600 years ago (approximately -13,000 CY), the kopru founded their first (and so far, their greatest) city-state, Shotho'Kopur. The date of Shotho'Kopur's founding is the first year in their calendar. An onyx bas-relief dredged up from off the coast of Keoland (and now displayed in a library in Gradsul) depicts twin serpents bursting from a sphere/egg covered in continents and screaming humanoids. The number 13,597 is written in kopru symbols, suggesting that this was a prophecy of the Savage Tide (and suggesting that 13,597 in the kopru calendar is equivalent to 597 CY in the Common Year calendar).

Most kopru cities were founded over 3,000 years ago during a period in which their basic food source, a clam mollusk known as the kopura, thrived beneath the southern oceans. The kopru shamans of Demogorgon used their demonic magic to transform the largest kopura into fiendish creatures that produced black pearls the shamans used to work terrible magic. The kopru enslaved sahuagin, locathah, and aquatic elves, occasionally allying with the kuo-toas but warring with the ixitxachitls.

About 2,000 years ago, when the kopru civilization was at its peak, a mysterious disease decimated the kopura, marking the beginning of the koprus' decline. They began to kill and eat their slaves, and in some cases their nobles began to prey on lower-ranking members of their own kind. The kopru city-states went to war with each other.

Around 1,500 years ago a great rebellion of the kopru slaves caused the destruction of most kopru cities. Their leaders were hunted down and killed, and kopru society has been a savage shadow of its former self ever since.


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