Knights of Doom

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Greyhawk Organization
Knights of Doom
Type Chivalric order
Members Magically altered human knights
Leader Ivid V
Headquarters Rauxes

The Knights of Doom, also known as the Demonic Knights of Doom or the Fiend Knights, are a military organization of the Great Kingdom that were known to be extant during the 570s CY.


The knights were formed by Overking Ivid V from recruits magically altered by the court wizard Xaene to serve as armored shock troops and unquestioning servants of the Overking. It is said that they were created in imitation of the fourteen death knights created by Demogorgon in 203 CY, and that the rituals used to create them were a precursor to those that created the animus.

It is unclear if the Knights of Doom survived past the cataclysm that caused Rauxes to vanish.


The Knights of Doom are wholly controlled, with almost no independent volition or creative capacity remaining. They serve as unquestioningly as constructs and no longer need to eat or sleep.


There are three known regiments of the Knights; the Heavy Foot Regiment (The "Howlers"), the Medium Horse Regiment (the "Bolters"), and the Horse Archery Regiment (the "Pointers"). These three regiments encompass an untold number of troops (though at any rate more than 4,000). The highest-ranking knights of the order are a pair bearing the title of "Marshal."


Each knight, regardless of his rank, is equipped with gold-plated, heat-resistant armor, and a magical weapon. The highest two knights, the two Marshals of the order, wear brilliant gold-plated plate armor said to be capable of withstanding any fire attack short of a dragon's breath.