Kieren Jalucian

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Greyhawk Character
Kieren Jalucian (rightmost), as depicted in Dragon #270. Art by Aaron Williams.
Homeland Free City of Greyhawk
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Unknown
Class Wizard 13/archmage 5
Alignment Neutral good

Kieren Jalucian is the guildmaster of the Guild of Wizardry and principal of Greyhawk University of Magical Arts in the Free City of Greyhawk.


Kieren Jalucian's age is unknown, though he is said to be "very old indeed" and is certainly over 100. Physically he appears to be in his late 30s, standing 6'3" tall with a mane of sandy blond hair. He weighs 200 pounds, much of it well-toned muscle, and dresses in colorful silken robes of Celenian make that billow in the wind as he walks. He takes a light-hearted approach to his work, though this belies the seriousness of his motives. He is approachable and popular among the common people of the city.


Kieren is enamored of Jallarzi Sallavarian, and the two can often be found flying, dining, or adventuring together. Jallarzi will endulge Kieren when he shows off his arm wrestling prowess. He is a member of the Directing Oligarchy, but refuses to get involved in its petty rivalries, remaining more amused by his fellow Oligarchs' antics than anything else.

Kieren has little patience with the openly evil members of the University of Magical Arts faculty.

Rumor has it that after the deaths of Otiluke and Tenser, Kieren was invited to join the Circle of Eight, but refused due to his duties as master of the Guild of Wizardry.


Kieren keeps personal rooms at the apex of the University's pyramid.


Before putting down roots in Greyhawk City, Kieren adventured extensively throughout the Flanaess and beyond, accumulating much of his power during those travels. He took careful notes of his journeys, although most of his journals were supposedly destroyed in the Hellfurnaces in 561 CY. In 564 CY, however, one of these journals, called simply Kieren's Journal by its discoverer, turned up in the possession of Lashton of Keoland. Kieren was briefly named president of Greyhawk's Society of Magi in 584 CY.


  • Kieren's curse ward


  • Kieren's Journal


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