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Greyhawk Character
The Justicar
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Ranger 10
Alignment Chaotic good

The Justicar, whose real name is Evelyn, is the hero of three novels and a short story written by Paul Kidd. He is also known as Jus, for short.


The Justicar is grim and intense, focused on his current task to the exclusion of personal comforts or material gain. He wears black armor and carries a sentient bastard sword called Benelux. His head is shaved. He broods a lot. He is more intelligent than he looks, and has a lot of natural cunning.

The Justiciar cares little for the laws of humanity and is utterly contemptuous of gods and faith. He cares only for protecting the helpless from those who would kill, steal from, enslave, deceive, or plot against them. He is a seasoned expert in combat and wilderness lore.


The Justicar's companions include his sentient hellhound pelt Cinders, the faerie Escalla, the young soldier Henry, the sphinx Enid, the badger Polk. Escalla's flighty nature infuriates him, but he has become inseparable from her and may even be in love with her. Cinders is his trusted ally. He is a father figure to Henry. Polk merely infuriates him.


The Justicar fought as a guerrilla against Iuz in the Greyhawk Wars, battling demons. Since then he has acquired, mostly against his will, a number of companions and ventured with them into White Plume Mountain, the Underdark, and the Demonweb Pits.