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The Jotens and environs, as depicted on the Paizo Map.

The Joten range is a spur of the Crystalmist Mountains separating the land of the March of Sterich from the The Yeomanry League. Their name derives from an old word for giants.

Ecology and inhabitants

All but the highest of the Joten Mountains are below the timber line. Pine forests are most common, with maple, usk, and other northern broadleaf trees in the valleys.

Inhabitants include cave bears, bugbears, primitive cave-dwelling and tribal humans, wild dogs, mountain dwarves, mountain lions, manticores, orcs, and trolls.

As the name of the mountain range imples, giants are prevalent in the Jotens, including ogres and the cloud, hill, mountain, and stone breeds.

Pikemen from the Yeomanry patrol the southern slopes along with allied dwarves. In the north, fighting between the giants and the humans of Sterich continued as of 591 CY.

Features and settlements

Somewhere in the Jotens is a mountain dwarf stronghold led by Kordan Badaxe. The town of Datmil is also nearby.


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