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Greyhawk Deity
Johydee donning her Mask, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #3 (2001). Art by Michael Dubisch.
Title(s) The Hidden Empress
Home Plane Oerth
Power Level Hero-deity
Gender Female
Class(es) Priestess
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Deception, Espionage, Protection
Domains Good, Protection, Trickery
Alias(es) none
Superior unknown

Johydee (JOY-dee) is the Oeridian hero-goddess of Deception, Espionage, and Protection. Her sacred animal is the chameleon. Her symbol is a small stylized mask of onyx.


Johydee can take any form, but usually appears as a young woman with grey eyes and honey-blonde hair. Though she comes off as mischievous and flighty, this is little more than a mask to hide her true intentions. Her allies are few, and she never sides with evil.


Johydee's patron deity is unknown. She is an ally of Heironeous.


Followers of Johydee are urged to protect themselves with many layers of deception, keeping their true intentions hidden from the knowledge of their enemies, and to know more of their foes than their foes know of them. They are taught to judge well the time to strike and the time to flee. They are also expected to help those they are sworn to protect.

Clergy and temples

Johydee is worshiped mainly in Oeridian lands, especially in Sunndi, Irongate, Onnwal, and other (former) nations of the Iron League. The chameleon is her sacred animal, and her symbol is a mask of stylized onyx.

Johydee's priests often work as spies for powerful patrons. Skilled at deception, they enjoy opportunities in which they can pretend to be someone else. Many take on different identities in different cities. They thwart tyrants, seek information on renowned evil-doers, and humble the overly-prideful and ambitious. Johydee's priests tend to ignore a person's apparent status and treat everyone equally, due to their familiarity with deception and subterfuge. The priesthood's preferred weapon is the short sword.

Johydee's Children

An extremely rare few individuals of Aerdi descent are known by this appellation, which signifies magical gifts and a metaphorical "mask" that shields their emotions from public scrutiny, as well as providing literal protection from hostile magic. It does not mean they are literally descended from Johydee, however.

Johydee's Children tend to be extremely aloof, never letting their feelings show, or they exist "above" the cares and feelings of ordinary folk. They are loners with difficulty forming close personal relationships.

Known and rumored Children of Johydee include Queen Yalranda, the archmage Schandor, General Azharadian, Gwydiesin of the Cranes, Saint Benedor, and the Walker. Their influence over events tends to be subtle, though profound, although there are exceptions; Azharadian's many victories, for example, were anything but subtle.



Green Eye of Johydee

This is a small chrysoberyl that makes it easier for a rogue to hide in shadows and grants an immunity to detect invisibility spells. It does not radiate magic when held, and cannot be discovered when the owner is searched. The gem was enchanted through contact with Johydee and given to one of her followers.

Johydee's Mask

Johydee's Mask is an artifact that makes the wearer immune to gaze attacks and allows the wearer to assume the guise of a humanoid being.


Long before the Oeridians migrated into the Flanaess, when they still dwelt in western Oerik, the greatest Oeridian nation was ruled by servants of evil deities. Eventually, Johydee, a wise priestess of great magical power, favored by the gods themselves, tricked the oppressors into creating a magical mask. Johydee used this mask to free the Oeridians from their dark overlords. Ultimately she became a queen in her own right, though the location of her realm is lost to time. Johydee was a member of the Aerdi house Cranden.


Johydee is credited with writing the following work:

  • Mental Impressions of the Retina (DR#82.58)

Creative origins

Johydee is named after Heidi Gygax, one of Gary Gygax's daughters.


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