Javan River

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The Javan River has the distinction of being the longest river in the Flanaess.


The Javan river is indeed the longest river in the whole of the Flanaess and has its headwaters high up in the Barrier Peaks. The Javan passes through several regions. It passes through the Valley of the Mage, the Dim and Oytwood forests, skirts the Rushmoors (wetlands of the Gran March), and forms the eastern border of the March of Sterich. The Javan then passes between the Good Hills, the Jotens and the Little Hills, skirts the Dreadwood, passes through the The Yeomanry League, into the Hool Marshes, and finally empties into the Azure Sea.

The Realstream merges with the Javan just before it emerges from the Oytwood Forest, near where the Oytwood meets the Rushmoors.

The river is navigable from the Azure Sea as far north as Cryllor, in the Good Hills region of Keoland.

Features and settlements

Settlements along the Javan river include Hochoch, in the Grand Duchy of Geoff, the cities of Flen and Cryllor, in the Kingdom of Keoland, the city of Longspear in the Yeomanry and the city of Westkeep in the Hold of the Sea Princes.