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Greyhawk Deity
Jascar, as depicted in Dragon #92 (1984).
Title(s) The Lord of the Dells, the Mist Upon The Hills, the Dweller Upon the Heights, the Voice of the Hills
Home Plane Twin Paradises of Bytopia
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio Hills, Mountains
Domains Earth, Good, Law, Protection;
Alias(es) none
Superior Lendor

Jascar is the Suel god of Hills and Mountains. His holy symbol is a snow-capped mountain peak.


Jascar appears as a muscular human male with a dark beard and breastplate of shining silver. He lacks the color and features of the Suel race, despite his origins. His visage is said to strike terror into the hearts of goblins and orcs. He is sometimes depicted as a pegasus or a horse. He wields a great hammer, which is the bane of all undead.


Jascar is the brother of Fortubo, and a close ally of Phaulkon. He is the sworn enemy of Beltar. Jascar associates little with other gods, who see him as driven and aloof.


Jascar dwells in Centerspire in Bytopia, a mountain that connects Shurrock with Dothion.


Jascar teaches his followers to stand against orcs and goblinoids, as well as those who marr the beauty of hills and mountains. He stresses that the riches found beneath the earth are not to be plundered by evil, but were placed there as rewards for the good.


Though chiefly a human god, Jascar is also honored by many dwarves and gnomes. He is very popular in Irongate, Onnwal, and Sunndi. He also has a minor following in Greyhawk.


Jascar's priests often lead crusades against evil nonhumans, traveling overland or underground. They also teach the commonfolk how to defend against the tactics of these beings. The priesthood surveys for precious metals, and advises miners on safe tunneling and environmental responsibility. Jascarian priests are often viewed as dependable, if single-minded. The warhammer is the favored weapon of the priesthood.

Myths and legends

Jascar is often associated with horses or pegasi because those are the forms he took in a great battle with Beltar.


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