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Greyhawk Settlement
Crown of Blibdoolpoolp01.jpg
The Crown of Blibdoolpoop in J'bhulgolboth, as depicted in Dungeon #85 (2001). Art by Marc Sasso.
Motto/Nickname Unknown
Established Circa -11 CY
Population 350+
Races Kuo-toa
Religions Blibdoolpoolp
Authority Figures

J'bhulgolboth was a kuo-toan city located in the Underdark beneath Narwell. It was built on the edge of the great Fungal Lake, into which the Skoraknagit River flows. The population of J'bulgolboth was over 350.


J'bhulgolboth is located on one of the more important Underdark trade routes in the area. Drow, illithids, aboleths, and derro were known to have visited the city regularly in order to trade and purchase slaves. A svirfneblin city lay to the west.


Over 600 years ago (c. -11 CY), the armies of the Scarlet Lord Xhagevoxhab were defeated by an alliance of kuo-toas and drow. The Scarlet Lord was imprisoned within Fungal Lake with a set of magical chains; the Chains of Binding. The kuo-toa priest Sifkhu founded the city of J'bulgolboth on the site of Xhagevoxhab's fallen realm.

About 40 years ago (more likely 42, assuming six 7-year cycles--549 CY), the Scarlet Lord was partly released thanks to a "test of bravery" by kuo-toa venturing to the bottom of the cursed lake. The furious lord sent a terrible fungal infection to infect the inhabitants which spread throughout the city and its environs. J'bulgolboth's priests of Blibdoolpoolp repulsed the infection with magic tablets left behind by Sifkhu. Unfortunately the Chains of Binding had been damaged, and now, every seven years since that event, the Scarlet Lord is released for a time, but each time he has been repulsed. Until recently...

Two weeks ago (the adventure can be presumed to take place in 591 CY), J'bulgolboth suffered a surprise attack from their former allies, the drow. Although the dark elves were repulsed, the city, itself, was left weakened and its inhabitants were unable to complete the necessary ritual to properly rebind Xhagevoxhab, when he again broke free nine days later. When the priests attempted to do so, their spell backfired, and though the Scarlet Lord was forced back into confinement, the plague he unleashed continued to grow exponentially, infecting the population of the city and transforming all the residents into Scarlet Children.

On the 11th of Reaping (the first new moon of Summer, assuming that by this the author meant High Summer), the plague infected Narwell's water supply, and the bizarre Scarlet Children created by the infection began plotting to consume that town from within. The adventure begins two nights later.