Ivid the Undying

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Greyhawk Source
Ivid the Undying
Ivid the Undying01.jpg
The cover of the pdf version of Ivid the Undying.
Type Sourcebook
Code/ Abbreviation Ivid
Edition AD&D Second Edition
Author(s) Carl Sargent
First Published
This article is about the sourcebook. For the overking of the same name, see Ivid V.

Ivid the Undying is an unpublished sourcebook for the World of Greyhawk setting. Written by Carl Sargent, Ivid the Undying covers the post-Greyhawk Wars Great Kingdom, and is named for Ivid V, last Overking of that realm.

Publishing history

Never publicly released in hard copy, Ivid the Undying was supposedly set for publication when TSR halted the project. The stock number initially assigned (#9399) was instead reassigned to Iuz the Evil (1993). Excerpts were printed in Dragon in 1993 and 1994. TSR released it as a free download in their America Online folders. Wizards of the Coast, after their purchase of TSR, continued to make Ivid the Undying available as a free download on the company's website.


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