Ivid V

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Greyhawk Character
Ivid V
Ivid V01.jpg
A Great Kingdom overking, presumably Ivid V, as depicted in the Player's Guide (1998).
Homeland Great Kingdom
Gender Male
Race Human animus
Age 66-67 (b. 532 or 533 CY)
Class Priest 7/ Mage 14
Alignment Lawful Evil

Ivid V (also known as Ivid the Undying) of Naelax was the last overking of the Great Kingdom.


In 585 CY, Ivid V was described as looking "terribly aged" (Ivid the Undying, 37).

Ivid V was not a military genius, but he was brilliant at politics and intrigue, and a master of using fear, torture, and execution to wage psychological warfare on his rivals.


Ivid V is the son of Ivid IV, the grandson of Ivid III, great-grandson of Ivid II, and great-great-grandson of Ivid I. Ivid also had 123 siblings, but murdered all of them before his rise to power.


Ivid V was born in 532 or 533 CY, the second son of Ivid IV. He was forced into the priesthood of Hextor by his father, Ivid IV, "as a form of disciplining" (Ivid the Undying, 37). To solidify his position as heir to the throne, Ivid murdered 122 of his siblings, until only his elder brother remained. The two spent many years waging a war of intrigue and assassination in their prison-palace until the younger brother finally prevailed. Ivid V would eventually gain the Malachite Throne in 556 CY by hiring one of his father's concubines to pour acid in the overking's ear.

After the disappearance of Ivid's court wizard Xaene, the creator of the Fiend-Knights, the wizard Karoolck replaced him. Kalroolck's rise to power coincided with Ivid contracting a terrible wasting disease.

Ivid V declared "Baalzy" to be an official god of Aerdy, and part of its mandatory state religion. Non-evil religions were officially tolerated, but most were taxed so heavily that parishioners were forced to choose new gods when their temples closed, while unofficially their priests were harassed and even assassinated.

In 582 CY, Ivid ordered the invasion of Nyrond and Almor, perhaps hoping that wars abroad would distract the people from the increasing unrest at home. With all the resources of the Great Kingdom, Ivid's armies ought to have been able to crush their foes, but Ivid was distracted with punishing trivial affronts and, although Almor was destroyed, managed to fight Nyrond only to a draw. After the wars, Ivid decided to ensure the obedience of his nobles by transforming them into animuses loyal to him; instead, these embittered creatures simply retreated to their own lands and defied him. When an assassin struck him with a poisoned and enchanted dagger, Ivid himself was transformed into an animus in order to preserve his rule. Something failed in the process, however, and Ivid is still prey to the same wasting disease that he suffered from when he was alive. Ivid the Undying continued to die by the day.

In 586 CY, Ivid's capital of Rauxes disappeared in a magical conflagration, possibly caused by the Machine of Lum the Mad. Ivid's fate is unknown.