Isle of Serpents

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The Isle of Serpents, also called Serpent Isle, is an island in Spindrift Sound in the Solnor Ocean, part of the Asperdi-Duxchan chain. It is the smallest island in the Dominion of the Sea Barons, and one of two not controlled by the Sea Barons' government. It is possibly cursed.


Like other southern islands in what would become the Dominion of the Sea Barons, the Isle of Serpents was settled by the Suloise during the Great Migrations. The Oeridians have always avoided the island, fearing the many poisonous snakes. They even avoid the Suloise ruins on the southern tip of Fairisle to the north.

Geography and climate

The Isle of Serpents is difficult to reach, being surrounded by chalky cliffs that reach 250 feet in height in places.


The densely vegetated uplands of Serpent Isle are inhabited by many breeds of poisonous vipers.


Nagas have been reported dwelling on the island. Whether or not Serpent Isle still has any human inhabitants is unclear.


In the center of the island are a series of sunken caves guarded by jade statues of a Suloise snake goddess who animate and attack all but females of pure Suel blood. The identity of the goddess is unclear; she is described as having alien features, short-cropped hair, and slanted, almond-shaped eyes. It has been speculated that this might be an otherwise unknown aspect of Wee Jas. Beltar, who has a serpentine marilith aspect, has also been named as a possibility. Finally, the dead goddess Ranet has been known to employ serpent queens to guard her temples, and Ranet herself may be snakelike in appearance.