Horn of Change

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Greyhawk magic item
Horn of Change
Type Artifact
Body slot n/a
Caster level
First appearance Eldritch Wizardry (1976)

The Horn of Change is an ancient artifact in the form of a wind instrument.


The horn appears the same as one of the more common magical horns, such as the horn of blasting or horn of bubbles. It is made of polished brass and shaped like the curving horn of a ram. Sigils are stamped on its rim and it can be carried by an attached golden chain.


Three blasts on this horn will cause a variety of effects, at random. The horn may be used any number of times with the effect being determined separately each time. Some of these powers are useful and some are cataclysmic.


Each day that the Horn of Change is used, there's a chance that the user will be struck by a gambling fever that will only pass if the Horn is given away or lost.


Several hundred years ago, the rogue Eustos was on a winning streak at the gambling tables. He foolishly boasted that he must have won the favor of the gods of luck. A charismatic stranger came to the table in response to this, and suddenly Eustos's luck changed. Suddenly, there was no throw of the dice that Eustos could make, and the stranger won game after game. Finally Eustos offered the only thing of value he had left: his soul. Against that wager, the stranger put up a plain blass horn. Somehow, Eustos won the throw. The stranger smiled and gave him the Horn of Change, warning him it could grant him great power, but also immense woe. Eustos gained a reputation for wonders with the Horn before vanishing one day, never to be seen again.

The Horn of Change once existed in Maure Castle's Room of Randomness (in the Chambers of Antiquities) until one of the lesser members of the Maure family accidentally triggered it. The Horn destroyed a set of bookshelves and vanished to parts unknown, along with its foolish user. A region of unstable magic has remained in the room ever since. Anyone who steps into this area is subject to a random magical effect, including "brittleness," delusions, and temporal or spatial distortions.


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