Hool Marshes

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The Hool Marshes is the name given to a large swamp separating the Kingdom of Keoland from the Hold of the Sea Princes. Keoland claims the marshes north of the Javan River, as well as a portion surrounding Westkeep, all of which make up large portions of Keoland's Hool Marsh Protectorate and Viscounty of Salinmoor.


The Hool Marshes provide an outlet to the Azure Sea for both the Javan and Hool rivers. The marshes are located south of the Dreadwood and east of the Little Hills, the Tors and the The Yeomanry League. Diseases of all sorts are prevalent in these wetlands.

Flora and fauna

The Hool Marshes are home to many dangerous animals and monsters of all kinds.


Lizardfolk and bullywugs both inhabit the Hool Marshes. It is also rumored that several cults make their homes here. The names of Orcus and Dagon are associated with these cultists, as well as, formerly, the Cult of the Black Flame. It's also home to desperate humans who have fled the civil war in the domains of the Sea Princes.

Keoish forces constantly patrol the northern edges of the Hool Marshes in an effort to keep the kingdom free from incursions by the swamp's unwelcome residents.

Features and settlements

Two keeps of note are located in the Hool Marshes; Baltron's Beacon in the north and Bale Keep in the east.


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