Holy Day of Pelor

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Greyhawk Holiday
Holy Day of Pelor
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Richfest 4
Type Religious
Observed by Pelorians
Significance Summer solstice

The Holy Day of Pelor, also known as Giving Day and Midsummer's Day, is celebrated on the Summer Solstice.

Because Pelor is widely loved by the commoners, this day is set aside as a day of rest in the Free City of Greyhawk. Only essential work is done on this day. Many merchants close their shops on Giving Day as well out of respect for the Sun Father and his teachings. Gambling houses are closed, but not hostelries, for Giving Day is a day of feasting and goodwill, a time for enjoying the fruits of the Oerth.

Public services are held from dawn until noon by Pelor's priests, outdoors if the weather permits (which if almost always does, as the clerics use weather-controlling magic for maximum sunlight). Even Greyhawk City's large temple of Pelor is not big enough to hold the throngs who come to celebrate on this day, so throngs of the faithful fill the temple grounds in the Garden Quarter, spilling out from the Millstream to the Nobles' Wall, and to the road leading toward Greyhawk's Grand Theater. Many come, of course, for the free meal the priests provide after the service. The Pelorian priests are well aware of this, but believe that for the needy, a full stomach must come before wisdom and learning. Members of Greyhawk's Guild of Thieves and Beggar's Union, many of whom remember Midsummer's Day fondly from their orphaned childhoods, both protect priests of Pelor on this day, and woe onto those who attempt to test them on this matter.

Priests of Pelor, bedecked in yellow and gold, parade about the streets, demanding donations for their charitable works, freely using guilt to squeeze more from stingy purses. Free healings are given out, particularly to children. Most Greyhawkers wear at least one item of yellow cloth on this day out of respect.

Some crusading Pelorians crusade against evil lycanthropes on this night, since both Celene and Luna are full.

Publishing history

This day is called "Holy Day of Pelor" in The City of Greyhawk boxed set, and Giving Day in the Dragon Annual #4. Dragon #346 calls it alternately the Holy Day of Pelor and Midsummer's Day.


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