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Hepmonaland is a continent to the southeast of the Flanaess. Hepmonaland is the Suel and Oeridian name for the land, named after Eri-hep-Mona, the first Suloise explorer to arrive there. The Olman call it Xamolatatl, "Home of the People," and the Touv call it Melavi, "The Bountiful Place." It is the smallest of Oerth's continents.


Hepmonaland is bounded by the Densac Gulf and Vogan Sea to the west, the Solnor Ocean and Sea of Sharks to the east, the Tilva Strait to the northwest, and the Oljatt Sea to the northeast. A spur of islands splits off from the continents western shore, curving north to form Xuxchan Bay. A large island, the Isle of Singing Stones lies to the southwest.

An unhealthy tropical marsh, the Pelisso Swamps, sits along much of the continent's northeastern coast.


Hepmonaland is a tropical landmass, suffering frequent storms.



A number of intelligent lifeforms inhabit Hepmonaland, including three human races. The Touv to the south, and the degenerate Suel tribes in the north. Olman tribes also inhabit portions of Hepmonaland. Yuan-ti are also known to dwell on the continent. Hobgoblin pirates which ply the Oljatt Sea are thought to have a presence in Hepmonaland as well.


Notable flora of Hepmonaland include: