Harp River

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The Harp River has its headwaters in the Rakers and wends its way to Relmor Bay. The mouth of the Harp is located a short distance from the ruined city of Chathold.

North of the confluence with the Teesar Torrent, near the city of Knurl, the river is still called the Kaye River on older maps.


The Harp forms the western border of the Bone March. The waters of the Harp deepen near the city of Innspa and is navigable all the way to Chathold. The Harp has flooded much of the area around Chathold due to a collapsed bluff near the river.

The Harp passes between the Flinty Hills and the Blemu Hills north of Knurl and then into the Adri Forest. Two other rivers join with the Harp on its journey southward, the Flessern River and the Lyre River. Neither is very large or long.

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