Gwydiesin of the Cranes

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Greyhawk Character
Gwydiesin of the Cranes
Homeland Grandwood
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Circa 700
Class Bard 30
Alignment Neutral (neutral good tendencies)

A Child of Johydee, Gwydiesin of the Cranes is a powerful bard living in the Grandwood. His nickname comes from his love of the great silver and black cranes that frequent the Lone Heath marshes.


Gwydiesin resembles a man in his early 60s with long silver hair tied back in a ponytail. His immense charisma overwhelms those he meets. He wears brown robes woven of coarse cloth. He stands 6'4" tall, and is straight and regal in posture. He eschews jewelry and ornament.

The magic item he most frequently carries is a simple-looking lantern that combines the powers of a gem of seeing, gem of brightness, and a helm of brilliance.


Gwydiesin is a worshiper of Beory. Because he mixes druid spells with his bardic magic, he is presumedly one of the Old Lore bards, or was in the past.

Gwydiesin meets with a handful of people elsewhere in the Flanaess, including Mordenkainen, the Circle of Eight, Philidor, and Nightsong (who rightfully fears him). He also travels the planes on occasion, and a man matching his description has been recorded chatting with Elminster of Toril.

Creative origins

Gwydiesin is apparently named after the legendary Welsh figures Gwydion and Taliesin, and is based on Taliesin and a Japanese environmentalist Carl Sargent saw a documentary on.[1]