Gull Cliffs

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The Gull Cliffs take their name from the many seabirds that nest here. Both the United Kingdom of Ahlissa and the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy lay claim to the cliffs.


The Gull Cliffs extend 100 miles inland from the Solnor Ocean. The Cliffs also provide the water source for two rivers, the Mikar River and the Imeda River. There were once many mines located here and some may still exist.

Flora and fauna


The gnomes and dwarves living here are not a pleasant people and are untrusted by everyone.

Features and settlements

The Gull Cliffs rise sharply from the sea and surround the port city of Roland, which sits on the Bay of Gates and is a member city of the Solnor Compact. The towns of Grelden and Farlen are located in this area as well and are governed by Roland.

The land was mined over the centuries by dwarves, gnomes and the Aerdi. This mining activity has left the Gull Cliffs with a maze like warren of caves and tunnels. Many "dark things" are said to dwell within this network and temples dedicated to wicked and ancient cults, the exact nature of which are unknown, can be found within.

There were roads through the Gull Cliffs that once linked Rauxes and Roland, but the roadways are very rarely used these days and travel has shifted to the south through the cities of Ountsy and Rel Astra, Roland's partners in the Solnor Compact.